Sunday, June 20, 2010

Light Wheat Bread

Hello soldiers!  So!  Finally, I'm back with a substantive post.  This week, light wheat bread aka bread with 1/3 wheat flour, 2/3 white.  Like me!  Except I'm more 50/50, leaning, if you get my drift.  I'm making a whole recipe today!  Since the recipe makes one loaf, and I eat sandwiches every day now.

Aight.  Bread flour + wheat flour + sugar + salt + yeast =

What do you spy in that picture, huh?  I KNOW, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I HAVE WHAT I ALWAYS DREAMED OF HAVING.  I CANNOT OVERSTATE MY HAPPINESS AT THIS POINT.  Yes, the always coveted 8 cup pyrex bowl/measuring cup/tool of awesomeness.  I know what you're thinking -- Taneem, you splurged on that?  But you never splurge, and also you buy too many clothes to make another purchase.  WELL, that's why one needs BFFs people!!!!!!!!!!!!  All my thanks and all my love to Nikki and Dana for the BEST PRESENT EVER (this was for graduating).  I felt SO cool measuring today.  As you'll see. <3 <3 <3 N&D!

i think i put my limit on the caps at this point, perhaps the rest of the entry sans caps?  aight, back to the recipe + pyrex awesomeness:

+ milk (the recipe called for powdered, but it was $7 at the store, so I used evaporated) + butter + water =

And stir stir, etc:

Damn, the internets is running slow right now.  Knead and knead.


I KNOW I HAVE FOUR CUPS.  So, this will DOUBLE and I CAN ACTUALLY SEE IT.  Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 N&D!!!!


Oww oww!  So cute.  This thing is also eco-friendly aka requires less plastic wrap.  I think it, like Jean Valjean, needs a name.  Any suggestions?  Perhaps, because it was first used on light wheat bread day, and appropriate name would be Drake (who, if you couldn't tell, is one of my ridic obsessions right now).

But, I mean, if we are discussing bread-as-race here, I mean, there are plenty of light-skinned men to choose from, na?!  Ah, whateva.

But don't worry, Idris Elba and Trey Songz, you will get your chance.  Peter does include a recipe for 100 percent whole wheat bread for "whole grain purists."  So, obvi, I will continue associating race with bread and continue objectifying "hot" men, b/c there is nothing problematic about that.  Sigh.

After 1.5 hrs, we have an overachiever:

I am <3ing this bowl thing so much.  Srsly.

PS: I am like super brown right now, after spending like three days out of the week like in direct sunlight for at least five hours.  I qualify as whole wheat bread right now.  For true.  Thanks, Bab, for the Shahnaz Husain Precious Pearl Cream Naturally Whitening Rehydrant Moisturizer straight from the motherland.  I need to use it all summer long.

Back to the actual bread, rather than my effed up race metaphor, we have a loaf:

This hangs for 1.5 hrs, so it can crest, et al.

And here it is, crested like the bell curve of my student grades.  Actually, no, my student grades were relatively skewed.

In the belly of the beast for half an hour (no pix -- I am also cooking spaghetti sauce, so my mind is elsewhere).

I mean, for 45 min.  I misread Peter and was like, oh, this is really light, and then realized it wasn't done and was like, oh, okay, I'll keep making my spaghetti sauce.  Lalalalala.

Ek ya do gunte ke bad, main ye kha sakti hai.  Until then, I'll hang out and live the leisurely life of a real-life-worker's weekend.

4/5 Anyway, I'm going to go watch a movie.  Bye <3

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  1. Did you know that Baba didn't buy Batoul any of that? I guess she's white enough.