Saturday, November 27, 2010

Potato Rosemary Bread

Hello friends!  It's Thanksgiving, the time of love, family, and bread.  BREAD.  Batty.

So, I'm baking potato rosemary bread.  Which is good.  Because it's super Thanksgivingy.  And the recipe calls for leftover mashed potatoes, and hey!  We actually have leftover mashed potatoes.


So!  Yesterday, I made some biga.  Here it is, all cut up.

And!  Flour (I had to use all-purpose, because it's like, dude -- I'm not going to buy bread flour that I can't take back with me b/c I'm flying on a plane and can't check things because it costs fifty dollars and they also body scan you and feel you up with a pat down and that happens, yeah.) + salt + yeast + pepper =

Hey look!  Benz took a picture of me!  What up, kids!?  Oh, and b/c I'm at my parents', I used a MIXER.  It's practically like you're not making bread.  Because the mixer does all the work.  Yeah.  There are a lot of people here right now.  I'm typing things.  Sports are being discussed.  Or something.

So!  + biga + mashed potatoes (!) + rosemary (fresh from the muthafuckin' yard -- check it:

) + olive oil + water =

Pretty!  Whoa.  Everyone is tie (tye?) dying t-shirts.  I am being anti-social for you, friends.  I hope you appreciate it.  Even though most of my readers = my sisters.  Oops.  Love ya!

And!  All kneaded.  And all cool.  This sits for two hours while I tie-dye a shirt and wish we had music playing.  I suppose I can make that as a suggestion.  But, my family's pretty loud.  We don't need that added nothing.  Meanwhile, here's a song that's been stuck in my head for forever.  Enjoy it as background music while you finish reading.

OMG.  I just realized I added double the amount of biga.  Ah!  I hope it still tastes okay : /

Well, here it is.  Doubled.  With double the biga.  Gah!

OMG.  PS: My sisters defaced my bookmark.  DEFACED.  It's okay.  James Franco looks wonderful even with a drawn-on mustache.

Hey, look!  Benz caught me rolling the rolls in action.  Batty insists on being a part of the party.  Always.

And the finished rolls!  There are fifteen instead of eighteen, but what are you gonna do?  Eat sweet potatoes.  That's what I'm doing.

These sit for one to two hours, while everyone else parties and Benzie stays here to hang out with me.  Thanks, Benz.  <3

All blown up after an hour.

And, in the oven!  And after eighty billion hours (b/c they weren't done after twenty minutes, so my dad offered to take them out of the oven for me so Benz and I could leave):

These were okay.  I think the addition of the extra biga was a problem.  It came out too doughy.

Everyone helped me rate:

Me: 3/5
Benzie: 3.5/5
Chris: 3/5
Zainu: 2.5/5

Everyone said it was better with butter.  Also, this was hours after it came out of the oven.  Oh well, whatevs <3

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  1. Sounds like everyone had fun, even if the bread didn't turn out as expected.