Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poolish Baguettes

Oh my god, friends.  I want to blog.  But life is getting in the way.  I'm finally taking control in order to bring my avid readers some entertainment.  This will be exciting.

Poolish baguettes.  They are baguettes.  Except different because they use poolish as a starter.  And they have whole wheat flour in them.  Basically, they are boring.  But, the next two recipes are more exciting.  I'm excited.

But, first, poolish baguettes.

That's bread flour + wheat flour + salt + yeast.  I was supposed to sift the wheat flour to take out the wheat bran or something, but dude.  Really?  Also, I don't own a sifter.  They are pointless.  We live in an uber-industrialized society.  Flour should already be sifted.  Thank you, bye.

+ poolish + water =

Murky depth of pangea.  Which isn't a real word?  Or I spelled it wrong.  Nope, I didn't.  Oh, radio station DJing + college.

Stir stir.  It's like eight in the morning when I'm doing this, PS, the reason for which will hopefully be explicated as we go through this process.

Oh, and apparently kneaded, too.  So, I made the poolish like two days ago.  And I'm going out of town tomorrow.  So, I was like EF.  I need to make this like today.  Which is a little complicated b/c I have class like the whole day today.  This is a really interesting story.  I should tell it at parties.  So, basically, all the timings for this recipe are going to be fucked up.  Kind of like your best friends on a Friday night.

Ready to rise.  Kind of like zombies.

Risen.  Kind of like zombies.

This was for three hours instead of two b/c I was in class talking about comfort women and queer familial relationships.

Then, I had to walk back home just to effing knead this dough for a minute.  A MINUTE.

Here it is, scrunched up.  Kind of like a scrunchie.  Can I come up with a better analogy.  Can you come up with a better analogy?  Can your mom come up with a better analogy.

Good luck on the SATs, bitches.

So, this is supposed to sit for another two hours, but I don't have that kind of time.  So, it'll sit for an hour.  I'm banking on the fact that it sat for three hours to begin with, so it's kind of the same, right?  Peter, don't read this.  You'll think it's blasphemy.  As you should.  I put it in the semi-warm oven to speed up the process.  We'll see what happens.

OMG -- so I am fail.  I had like two seconds to pack all of my stuff to go out of town AND I had to bake this bread = me, not taking pictures, running around, having random people at my house, burning bread and not even tasting it.  Fail.



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  1. At first when you wrote poolish, I just thought you were misspelling Polish or were referring to poo. As in poo-lish. But apparently I don't know much about bread terminology. Anyways, I am so glad you're baking again, even though the bread got burned! You should totally try this again once you get back!