Friday, February 5, 2010

Bread Baking via The OC, Part Deux

Omg, so yesterday all this crazy stuff happened with my driving, etc etc and now it's snowing and I can't fix it b/c Ohio is bad at taking care of roads when it's snowing.  But, on the plus side, I get to finish up baking the bagels today!!  Which is awesome.  It's distracting me from completing any work :)

See how snowy!  Taken from inside my warm living room, listening to Power 107.5, and waiting for my water to boil.

Which took for-ev-ver (yes, I will link this clip constantly).  Here it is, being stubborn.  Big pots.

So, I took pictures of my socks.  Zac!  (Thanks, Batty! <3)

 Finally, it was ready!  I brought the babies out.


They look like (gross) donuts.  Made me want donuts, not bagels.

thanks edie peterson.

Adam Brody wants it (the bagels I mean).

So, then, the babies boil.  Like lobsters except more humane.  And they float!  I never think of bagels as weighing less than water.


Bagel flower!  Am I the only person who thinks of flowers every time there are things in a circle?

They boil for like two minutes.  I still have yet to see why they boil.  Whateva, Peter.  Chu crazy.

Baby being put on the pan!

Looks even more like a delicious glazed donut now.  There aren't nearly enough pictures of celebrities involving bagels and donuts.  All I keep finding is this.

um, thanks? tuberrader.

Ew.  I mean, these people must really like bagels and/or donuts.  Sorry we all had to look at that.  Anyway. . .

These bagels probs don't look at appetizing now, but here they are at home!

Yum yum yum.  They only took like ten minutes to bake, which is nice, AND you don't have to wait a hour to eat them!  Just fifteen minutes.

Tried to take them off the parchment paper to cool on a rack.  Fail.


So, I just left them on the pan (don't kill me, Peter!!).  I wish I had cream cheese, but alas, I do not!

Nor do I have a bagel cutter.  If only Sandy were real.  He would probably bring me one out of the goodness of his heart.  Then save me from some legal trouble.  And adopt me.

Ahhhh!  These bagels are SO GOOD.  Even though I only have butter and a knife.

Bagels with the only green thing in sight in this wintery winter (<3 Vicky -- look, it is really growing and has leaves!!)


Yum (the bagels I mean).  <3


  1. If it's anything like pretzels, boiling the bagels makes for the different textured exterior-- more like a bagel and less like the crust of a loaf of bread.