Thursday, January 28, 2010


Artos.  Pathos.  Logos.  Telemachus.  All good things.  Only one of them is bread.  Artos is a "Greek celebration bread."  Basically, there's like a ton of different kinds, and Greeks bake them at different celebrations.  Peter includes three different recipes for Artos -- the two with cooler names, Christopsomos and Lambropsomo, have dried fruit in them.  I think once fruit is dried, you've already done enough to it.  No need to effing cook that shiz.  So, I'm baking the boring one: "Greek Celebration Bread."  With no dried fruit.  But still a lot of this:

thanks rotten tomatoes.

Ooopah!  Or whatever.  Basically making this bread is like dancing with Joey Fatone.  (PS: Joey Fatone dances in this movie, yet he was still allowed to join Dancing with the Stars?!  Why?!)

So, for this bread I got to use my barm aka starter!  Yay!  I didn't spend a week making it for no reason!  Here he is, all ready to be made into a Greek star.

+ flour (I used all bread flour this time!  We'll see what happens!) + salt + yeast + cinnamon (and other spices I stole from B) + vanilla extract (I didn't have almond and extracts are like five billion dollars -- we'll see what happens) + orange zest! + egg + honey (asturiana!!!!!!) + oil + milk =

I think the asturiana will make this bread.  I mean, it pretty much makes everything b/c it's the best honey ever.

When I was kneading this, I could smell all the yummy spices and orange zest.  So international.  Now, I don't speak Spanish, Japanese, or French [or Greek].  But the way that body's talkin' definitely makes sense.  Basically it's artos' body language.  That's what you should get out of this story.

OMG.  This dough literally took for-ev-ver to rise.  Peter says it should double in size in sixty to ninety minutes.  I took a nap, watched an episode of My So-Called Life, and pretended to read for class.  It was still little.  I mean, it's cold outside?  But it's warm in here.  I mean, maybe the barm is bad (I kept it in the fridge a day longer than I should have without refreshing it).  IDK.  All I know is is that I let it rise for like two hours.  Woke up to this:


IDK.  What do you all think?  Did it double?  By this time, I didn't care.  I bouled that shit.

I tried to be artsy, too.  Then I remembered my camera is from the 1970s.  So it generated this.  Well, at least you can see how awesome our lightswitches are.  Or something.  So, I don't know why I bake bread on Thursdays (and by bake bread, I mean last week it was a Thursday and this week it was, too), but I like it.  The down side is that I always (I mean twice) think I have a lot of time before my 5:30 class, and then I don't.  So, once again, I let my baby boule become a grown up boule for probably too long.  But, I figured, whatever.  The stupid thing took two hours to rise in the bowl.

thanks what would toto watch.

PEACE OUT GREEK STYLE.  You know, just hanging out with Aiden in the back of a limo.  NBD.

Baby in the baby maker.


And the timer set.  I figured since I cut the recipe in half, I should cut the time in half?  I don't know if this makes sense.  Last time, it def look less time than the full recipe, but I don't remember if it took half the time.  Well, I'll check the baby in ten at any rate.  (Full loaf takes twenty, then twenty.)

Okay, so I think cutting the baking time in half worked.

OMG.  It looks delicious and smells so good!!  But, once again, Peter's rules are torturous.  I have to wait an hour for the bread to cool.

thanks afro city blog.

Like that, basically.  So, the artos has an optional glaze.  Made of sugar, honey, and some other stuff.  I was considering making it, but I put the bread in a plastic bag in the fridge when it's done, and the glaze would complicate that.  I was going to make a joke about glaze, but after looking it up on urbandictionary, I decided not to.  I am so cool.

Ek gunta ke bad -- OOHPA!

This was my attempt at a Greek dance.  Yeah.  I took a timer-picture.  OOHPA!!


Mmm.  This bread is really tasty.  I baked it for just long enough.  It's soft and cinnamony.  Yum yum, basically.  There are like two pictures from My Big Fat Greek Wedding online.  I wanted to use another one.  Geez.  <3


  1. You are hilarious! P.S. I want some goodies when you come visit. Or, we can watch a movie and bake bread together! FUN.

    <3 Vicky

  2. I will def still be doing this in March, so we should def do either one :)

  3. I second that. You are baking me bread next time I see you.

    Loving the blog! Keep it up wittle baby!

  4. I have almond, vanilla and peppermint extract, and since I mostly use them to make frosting, you could def put them to better use. For next time, maybe?

  5. Haha, Meg, if you're willing to part with them, I will def take them :)

  6. Are you still using the camera that I gave you? Man, that thing is old.

    A hint for you! There are creative commons photos on Flickr that you can use without stealing from other peoples' blogs. You are still supposed to give credit, but there it is. Same with wikimedia. Check 'em out!

  7. Duh, Benzie. You think I bought another one? I will def look at the commons next time. But they also didn't have any My Big Fat Greek wedding pics :)