Thursday, August 11, 2011

Secret Admirers

Well, hello there fans.  So, yesterday, I heard a knock at my door and to my surprise, it was my postlady!  She handed me a heavy box from Amazon, much to my bewilderment.  No, I do not have money to buy things.  So, I opened it up.  Lo and behold:

it contained six bags (!) of rye flour and two pounds of yeast.  WHAT??????????????????????????

My question to all of my avid readers is: who bestowed this gift upon me?  I have been raised properly and will send you a well-worded thank you card.  Unless the bags all contain anthrax.  In which case, let me know so I can dispose of them properly.  Also, you should know I'm Muslim and that would most likely leave me in quite a lurch.


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