Saturday, July 30, 2011


Gracious and faithful followers of 3B: we have nearly reached the end of the process that will deliver us a barm, a motherstarter, the answer to all your prayers.  By the end of reading this blog entry, you will see -- in the flesh (or in a picture on your computer, unless you come visit me, and ask to see it, or go in my fridge) -- my barm.  As long as everything over the next day works out . . .

I don't know why my camera pretends like it's the 70s.  Or maybe it's my kitchen.  So, after like two hours, the seed culture had doubled, but I left it out for the minimum of the four hours, and it became huge!  Yay!  It definitely tripled.  I have never seen a hotter seed culture.  I know you want to jump it.

So!  Some of the seed culture + flour + water =

Reminds me of a Squidbilly.  Not. a. good. thing.  And this sits for about six hours, or whenever it gets all bubbly.  Yeasts like bubble baths.  Yeasty bubble bath. Actually that sounds dangerous.  Something you'd need Summer's Eve for.  Sorry, those commercials keep douches on the brain.  Gosh!  I suppose that means they're effective!

After six hours, we have:

I know it looks similar, but it bubbled people!  The bubbles popped, but I promise they were there.  Yay!  I am so excited to actually bake.  This sits in the fridge overnight, and then the barm will finally be complete!

And after sitting overnight, the barm is ready for its close-up:

Sorry if that gives you nightmares.

Yay people!  I now finally get to bake!  Granted the next recipe will take three days before I actually get bread.  <3

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