Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New York Deli Rye

Same day.  Different story.  New Nicholas Hoult/Tom Ford ad.

Yeah.  New York deli rye.  You know.  The bread making up Peter's fave sandwiches.  Both of which sound disgusting: "roast beef, chicken fat [EW.], and onion; and corned beef, coleslaw, and Russian dressing."  Dear Peter: We all know you grew up in NY.  Stop grossly shoving it in our vegetarian faces.

But, I love rye bread.  So, yeah.  I'm excited.

Barm + rye flour (the recipe called for "white rye flour."  My rye flour is just "rye flour."  Dunno what the difference is, but I'm not a racist.) + water.

Ah!  + sweated onions.  Sweated onions.

All stirred up, this sits for three to four hours, after which it will (HOPEFULLY, barring any of the possible problems of the basic sourdough variety) bubble and foam.

So, it wasn't foaming.  Per Natty's suggestion, I added some yeast.  I'm also going to throw away my old barm and make more (sigh), so look forward to that LONG blog entry.

Check those little bubbles in that blurry picture.  It's bubbly alright.  Probs thanks to the yeast.

So, here's when the problems come in.  So, I made the starter Christmas Eve.  Was supposed to make the bread on Christmas.  That didn't happen.  So, the 26th, I took it out and went to run errands that took way longer than an hour.  By the time I got home, I didn't feel like baking.  So, I put it in the fridge.  So, now it's the 27th.  I took it out for an hour again and am actually baking.  So, many errors could have occurred during this process.  We'll see.

Anyway.  This is bread flour + rye flour + brown sugar + salt + yeast + caraway seeds (yay!).

+ starter + shortening + milk =

+ water + stirring =

+ six minutes of kneading =

This sits for an hour and a half, during which I realize the time I have until school begins again is fading fast and I have a SHIT ton left to do.  This is the problem with slacking in fall quarter, frenemies.

Perfectly doubled!  Ow ow ow!

This was shaped into a sandwich loaf, but apparently I didn't take any pics of that.  The sandwich loaf sits for 90 mins.  I CANNOT DO CROSSWORD PUZZLES DURING THIS TIME.  I MUST CUT DOWN MY TO-DO LIST.  BYE.

After 90 minutes, this loaf is looking pretty swell (GET IT, it's a pun, GET IT?!):

Bakes from anywhere between 35 minutes to an hour.  I am cutting my to-do list down, muthabakas.


So.  This was delish.  Delic?  5/muthafuckin5.  Get it!



  1. The second sandwich is a reuben! YUM

    There is a deli by Chris's work that has amazing vegetarian ruebens. you should go next time you're in MD.

  2. Wow, that looks great. I love rye bread.